Hub Integrations

The Hub module of Contactlab Marketing Cloud facilitates a unique view of the customer by collecting, collating, assimilating and updating information, then making it directly available to all the other Contactlab Engagement Marketing platform applications. As a result, integration and data maintenance costs are tangibly reduced.

The following integration methods are currently available:

All the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform applications natively integrate together to provide our clients with an enhanced and comprehensive experience.

Contacthub readily integrates with all our other modules. And thanks to the high levels of integration flexibility, combined with straightforward data collection techniques, customer data is organized in a way that results in unified and complete profiles. Contacthub also enhances predefined profiles automatically, by assimilating information from the other Contactlab platform modules.

Let’s take a look at the data and event fields Contacthub can track and make available to Send and Plan.