Getting started and navigating the UI

log in

The Contactlab log-in page

Starting the UI

To start the UI, do the following:

  • On the log-in page, select the appropriate language, enter your Username and Password, and click SIGN IN. The start page displays, showing the Last month overview Dashboard for the current node. This is empty when you sign in for the first time.

The Start page

  • Click the Customers, Segments, Analytics, Automations or Settings tab, as required

Note: This guide only describes actions that you can carry out by selecting the Settings tab.

The Contacthub UI appearance may differ, according to the size of your browser window. There are two standard views:

  • UI normal view
    Displays the UI as it is generally intended to be used
  • UI compact view
    Displays when the browser window is not wide enough for the normal view

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