Getting started and navigating Contactone

The Contactone log-in page


Starting Contactone

To start Contactone, do the following:

  1. Go to The Contactone log-in page displays.
  2. Select the appropriate language, enter your Username and Password, and tap or click SIGN INThe homepage displays.

The Contactone homepage


Navigating Contactone

The Contactone homepage includes the following, from top to bottom:

  • The Control bar, containing:
    • The Contactone logoTap or click at any time, to return to the homepage.
    • The Settings buttonTap or click to see your profile, or the application language and workspace settings. See Updating your profile or the application settings for more about making changes to these settings.Note:A workspace is what we call the place where the products, services, news and customers that are available in Contactone, are defined. While many companies or brands only have one workspace, others have several. For more details about the workspaces that may be available to you, contact your system administrator.
  • Your avatar, name and the number of clients that you have available
  • The By products, By moments and By contacts linksTap or click to start composing a message. See Creating an email message for more details.
  • News panelsSee Viewing news for more details.

Ending a Contactone session

To end the current session, do the following:

  • On the homepage, tap or click Settings, positioned towards the top right of the screenThe Profile tab of the Settings page displays.
  • Tap or click LogoutYou are logged out and the app closes.