Guide – Start to use Contacthub now

Contacthub is a solution that enables you to easily collect, store, update, query and export consolidated customer data, across different sources and systems. This guide provides information about:

Contacthub is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, with no local installation required, which is accessed online over the Web, using any of the supported browsers. Thanks to the Single Sign On (SSO) feature, once authorized users have logged on, they are automatically allowed access to all other Contactlab products that they are entitled to use. Contacthub can be configured to work with several work spaces, and a user can switch to a different one, as and when required.

To start navigating access the platform and select Contacthub in the dashboard.

Key features and functionality

Contacthub includes a wide range of features, such as:

  • Authentication and access permissions
  • A rich set of REST API-based tools that enable interaction between your customer data and external sources
  • An intuitive UI to organize and configure customer data collection and analysis
  • Storage of customer-related personal data as well as customer events and actions
  • The ability to track all brand activities for a specific customer, even if they use different identities
  • Centralization of data in a single location
  • Individual customer data aggregation, based on predefined rules
  • An initial standardized data structure for tracking customer profiles and events, which can later be customized and extended, according to your requirements
  • The ability to expand upon information that is linked to a specific event or action
  • The ability to have different views of the same customer database
  • Detailed analysis tools, dashboards, and reports, highlighting customer base growth and composition
  • Seamless integration with Contactsend
  • An SDK and plug-ins to simplify integration with a range of e-commerce applications such as CRM, Analytics, Digital Direct Marketing, and Customer Success management software

All features can be accessed through the User Interface (UI) or the REST API.

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