Contactlab again in Gartner’s 2015 Market Guide for Email Marketing

For the second year in succession, Contactlab has been included in the Market Guide for Email Marketing (2015 edition) the key reference point for marketers looking to choose a partner to create and optimize their email campaigns. Our organization is deemed as being a mid-level solution that offers extremely strong functionality for medium and large-scale companies. We are delighted and proud of this result.

According to the guide, “email marketing is one of the most efficient, effective and measurable methods for communicating with consumers, and it is now a priority for any company engaging in multi-channel marketing. It is scalable, profitable, stimulates demand in a product, promotes brand engagement, drives e-commerce and supports the creation of a relationship of trust with the consumer”.

The guide analyzes the dynamics in the market and the solutions offered by a number of international vendors, mapped and chosen by Gartner after an in-depth evaluation of their technological infrastructure, the products and solutions on offer and their development and growth plans. The guide dedicates an entire page to Contactlab and provides an extensive analysis of the Contactlab platform, our core product. It also highlights the distinctive Contacthub and Clienteling solutions, which feature in our short and medium-term roadmap, and are representative of the commitment our company is showing to its program of structured growth.

Gartner’s analysis advises marketers to consider a strategic change to how they use email marketing, in light of the rapid and significant transformation in the relationship between brands and consumers. It recommends applying best practices – such as responsive design, A/B testing, triggering, personalization and dynamic content – and to take full advantage of current providers by exploring features which may have been implemented in the past, yet have gone unnoticed until now.

Indeed, Gartner emphasizes the sophistication of the tool, which is more evolved than it is currently given credit for. Email marketing “brings with it more behavioral and demographic information on the consumer than is usually appreciated. It is a mirror onto how the consumer perceives the brand and a predictive tool for ascertaining how this relationship will evolve in the future. It has been developed in order to keep consumer relationships active at specific moments of the customer experience”.

Contactlab is the only Italian organization and one of only three European companies included in the Gartner guide. For us, this is an important recognition, which shows us that our company is moving in the right direction.