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Every action that is carried out by a contact generates data. Every interaction they have with you, is translated in an increasingly substantial and complex information mosaic, which cannot always be easily linked with a specific contact. Contacthub answers the need to represent each customer in a unique view, making the data available and usable by everyone in the company.

Why choose Contacthub?

Contacthub enables you easily collect, update, query and export customer data.

  • Unique and enriched profile: Consolidates personal data and customer actions into unified profiles in real-time, conforming with predefined write and aggregation rules.
  • Simple and quick data collection: A rich REST API set reduces integration time and costs from external sources.
  • Anonymous event management: Saves anonymous customer actions in a dedicated area, assuring reconciliation once the contact has been identified.
  • Highly flexible configuration: Organize data in the way that suits existing organizational structures.
  • Automated process definition: Activates predefined actions when an activity takes place. Enriches profiles with new information and sends the data to external systems, to trigger, for example, new customer-related activities.
  • Dashboard and report: Analyzes the composition of profiles and any changes, to support marketing activities and business decisions.
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