The regulation requires that every request for consent is presented to the Data Subject clearly, using language they can easily understand. The Data Controller must also specify how they intend to use the collected personal data.

Any consent must be entirely freely given, in an informed fashion. Explicit information must be provided about the processing of personal data, such as the purpose and type of data that will be used, as well as, for example, the ability to withdraw consent in the future.

Find out how to manage consents, using the Contactlab Marketing Cloud:

Viewing consents

Consents are managed in the Hub module. Each individual Customer details page includes:

  • A Consent tab.
    Click the Consent button to view:

    • The version number of the consent Disclaimer that has been presented to the Data Subject, together with its approval date, or date of publication.
    • A read-only list of active consent categories for the relevant contact, together with any limitation or objection settings that are defined for each category.

Click the Registry button to view a timeline of any changes made to the consents.

  • A Download all data of this customer button.
    Enables you to download all relevant data for the contact. See Right to Data Portability for more details.
  • A Delete all data of this customer button and associated bin icon  Delete .
    Click to delete all data for the relevant contact. See Right to be Forgotten for more details.
    A warning message displays before the operation is completed.

If the Data Subject has not yet given any consents, the page is empty.

Mapping or modifying consents

Consents can be mapped or modified using the API, or manually within the UI, as follows:

  1. Sign in to Hub, click Customers, followed by the appropriate Data Subject profile.
    The Customer details page displays.
  2. Click the Edit icon  , positioned under the contact name.
    The Customer properties page displays.

  1. Select the Consent tab, to access and map or modify the Status, Limitation and Objection settings for all the available consent categories:
  • Marketing
    • Traditional:
      • Telephonic
      • Paper
    • Automatic:
      • SMS
      • Email
      • Push
      • IM
      • Telephonic
  • Profiling
    • Classic
    • Online
  • SoftSpam
    • Email
    • Paper
  • ThirdPartyTransfer
    • Profiling
    • Marketing
  1. When you are finished, click Save, followed by the X icon, positioned in the top right-hand corner of the page.
    You are returned to the Customer details page. Click the Consents tab to view the consents.

See Right to Rectification, Right to Object and Right to Restriction of Processing for more details.