Configuring a Send plug-in source

The Customer section is natively integrated with Send. You can automatically synchronize customer data and newsletter subscriptions in near real-time, through the Send source. See Managing sources for more about creating a source.

To enable this source, you need at least one Send database, as well as an apiKey and a userKey, which together authorize you to use Send.

Enter the following information in the New Contactsend source page:

  • Name.
    The name for the source.
  • Description.
    A text description of the source, if required.
  • Under Active nodes, select the nodes that the source can read and/or write to.

Under Provider options, do the following:

  1. Enter the userKey, apiKey, and userdb ID.
  2. Click Show additional fields.
    A list of Hub fields displays, each with a drop-down list of relevant fields from the selected Send database.
  3. Select the required Contactsend fields to enable data synchronization.
    You must select one or more matching fields. These are required to locate the relevant field in Send.

You can also synchronize one or more subscriptions, in addition to customer data.
The subscription synchronization fields are not available for aggregate nodes.

To activate synchronization, do the following in the subscription synchronization panel:

  1. Select the Hub subscription system ID.
  2. Select the relevant Send subscription system.
  3. Enter the Webform Code for the subscription system in Send.
  4. If you want to add another subscription, click the + icon, positioned to the right of the Webform Code.

Subscription synchronization is bi-directional. This means that any change made in Hub and/or Send, is synchronized.


The following limitations are needed to ensure data integrity and consistency in all Contactlab products. To maintain this, the data coherence limitations are based on the principles of One source, One node, One user DB.

To create a new source:

  • You can only create one source for each node.
  • A user DB can only be synchronized with one node in a Contactsend source.
  • You can only create a Contactsend source for an empty user DB.

Modifying a source

The following table shows what you need to be able to modify a source:

Send Source
To modify Requirements
Disabled source Existing empty node New empty node Empty uderdb
 node x x
 apiKey x x
 node and apiKey x x
 userdbID x x x
 node and userdbID x x x
 subscription x
 map x