Configuring a Plan source

The Plan source enables you to synchronize most events with the Plans section, and easily map extended properties to the appropriate plan field. See Managing sources for more about creating a source, and the Data Model page for more about the synchronization of events.

To configure a Plan source, do the following:

  1. Enter the following information in the Plan source page:
    1. Name.
      The name for the source.
    2. Description.
      A text description of the source, if required.
  2. Under Active nodes, select the nodes that the source can read and/or write to.
  3. Under Provider options:
    1. Choose the appropriate Plan tenant from the Select a tenant drop-down list.
    2. Under Classifications, enter the names of the appropriate purchase event key and value pairs that you want to export to a plan.
      A maximum of 15 classifications can be exported (up to 10 in string format and 5 in date format).
      See the Hub JSON schemas for more about classifications.
  4. Under Map event’s extended properties to Plan fields, do the following:
    1. Select a Plan event category, for example, Purchases, and map the listed extended properties to the appropriate Plan fields.
      This option enables extended properties to be readily selected for segmentation purposes.
  5. See Managing sources > Creating a source for more about completing the creation process.

Once you have configured the mappings you require and finished creating the source, you then need to make the relevant field/s visible in a plan and, for example, update the Display names, as appropriate. See Field settings for more details.


You can only create a Plan source for a specific tenant, if a Send synchronization exists for the database that is used by the tenant.

The following limitations are needed to ensure data integrity and consistency in all Contactlab products. To maintain this, the data coherence limitations are based on the principles of One source, One node, One user DB.

To create a new source:

  • You can only create one Plan source for each node.
  • A user DB can only be synchronized with one node in a Plan source configuration.
  • You can only create a Plan source on a node if a Send source has also been configured on the same one, and they are both synchronized with the same user DB.

Modifying a source

The following table shows what you need to be able to modify a source:

Contactplan Source
To modify Requirements
Disabled source Existing empty node New empty node Empty userdb
 node x x
 node and groupPk x x
 userdbID x x
 node and userdbID x x