Do you use Send to manage your campaigns? Then this notice is for you.

You may have noticed these days that the platform’s response times have increased slightly. We are aware of this and we are the creators… but we are also happy about it.

No, we’re not going crazy, we’re working for all of us, even you.

In fact, we are carrying out a migration program of the systems to the Azure Cloud with amazing performance targets, both in terms of speed and usability. Without considering all the opportunities that this collaboration opens up for the future.

If we hold out for a short period of time, we’ll be off to a great new year, where we’ll have an optimised platform for successful campaigns.

In this regard, if you haven’t taken advantage of it yet, talk to our creative and campaign management experts. You already have the best digital messaging solution you could wish for. Now you can also rely on 20 years of expertise and knowledge to build together personalised initiatives for each and every one of your customers. Or consider continuing to use Send but within the Marketing Cloud, equipping yourself with new features for a superior customer experience. Take advantage of this, have a chat with your Contactlab contacts. Together we will come up with a winning solution!

Send Migration



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