Sendv.6.12.1 Release

From October 7th, 2020 a new version of Send is available.
The release is planned from 10.30 am to 11.30 am CEST.

The new versions include some minor bug fixes that enhance the application.


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Advice: new policies IOL

Italiaonline (IOL – owner of and domains) has informed us that starting from approximately December 18th, 2019 they will apply new policy on receiving emails coming from Email Service Provider.

These policies could cause delay on delivery communications towards their domains, and probably an increase of bounce.

We are continuously monitoring the situation and we will keep you posted.

Our recommendations are:

  • Decrease emails traffic towards these domains (for example by cleaning the database from inactive emails).
  • To plan in advance time-sensitive campaigns.

In worst cases, we reserve the right to limit traffic towards these domains in order to give priority to transactional emails.

We recommend to check that you are following all best practices such as:

  • Each single message has footer (disclaimer) according to GDPR.
  • Each message has a link that brings to a privacy policy page.
  • Emails can be sent only to users who have gave their consent to receive emails.
  • Each message has to show an unsubscribe link.

For more information you can contact our Customer Service

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Watch the Contactlab Marketing Cloud in action

Engagement Intelligence with a Human Touch

Contactlab Marketing Cloud provides a powerful and very capable platform that helps you tangibly enhance your customer interactions, increase their value significantly, and successfully influence purchases again and again. It supports you through every stage of the customer life cycle, helping you convert contacts into valuable customers, boost loyalty, and develop long term relationships while reducing churn.

Spend the next couple of minutes watching the demo video and start to get a taste for how much we can do together…

Then contact our Customer Care for the complete picture.




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