Send v.6.12.3 Release

From November, 5th 2020, a new version of Send is available.
The release is planned from 10:30 am to 11:30 am CET.

The new versions include some minor bug fixes that enhance the application.


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Does Chrome block http elements in https environment?

Google Chrome has just announced that it is increasingly putting in place strict security and content protection policies. This time we are talking about so-called mixed content.

What is mixed content

You come across mixed content when trying to load a web page where there are resources either through a HTTPS – and therefore protected – or an unsecure HTTP connection.

Chrome is progressively starting to allow only secure resources to be uploaded – and indeed downloaded – mainly images, but also video and audio. From now on, the alerts we’ve been used to will no longer appear, but the pages will simply not be loaded completely.

It may therefore happen that using Chrome you will run into display problems that may be significant and even if you have an SSL certificate.

What to do if your email templates contain content that is called in HTTP

When you create an email using the Contactlab editor with the Chrome browser, if you do not see some images, remember mixed content.

Even though the platform is in HTTPS and it has the SSL certificate installed, you will encounter display problems if you insert HTTP resources into your templates.

The suggestion is to change the Allow Unsafe Content settings in your Chrome browser to continue working on your email campaigns.



Unsafe contents NOT ALLOWED



Unsafe contents ALLOWED








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Hub2Send v. Release

From October, 29th 2020, a new version of Send is available.
The release is planned from noon to 12:30 pm CET.

The new versions include some minor bug fixes that enhance the application.


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Change size to email template columns in one click!

From October 26th, 2020 a new feature of the Email Designer editor is available in Send. It extends the benefits of its adoption and allows the creation of emails with ease.

What can you do with this release?

Flexible columns

Thanks to a widget provided within the column properties, it is possible:

  • To add.
  • To resize.
  • To delete

columns with a simple mouse movement, all in real-time and no need for technical skills.

What does it mean?

With this release you are able to manage the size of your columns in seconds and change the structure whenever you need it.



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Privacy Shield

With the judgment of the CJEU of 16 July 2020, the Privacy Shield – or the possibility of transferring personal data in the U.S.A. and non-EU countries for commercial purposes – is invalid.

Contactlab is NOT affected by this because it does not use suppliers located in the United States who have used the Privacy Shield as a guarantee for the transfer of personal data outside the European Union.

In detail, Contactlab manages data using services provided by’s Server Farm in Siziano (Pavia) and by Microsoft’s Cloud Azure, which are located in the West EU Region. In residual cases, and for mere technical and/or maintenance reasons, the Microsoft supplier may carry out processing in a Region other than the one indicated above, and for this purpose specific contractual clauses have been signed for processing carried out outside the EEA.



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Test different strategies in the same automation – Release Flow UI v.2.34.0 and API v.2.25.0-24

From October 26th, 2020, a new Flow version is available.
The release is planned between 2:00 and 2:30 pm CEST.

What can you do with this release?

Step SplitSelect the condition to enter the flow and design an automation creating different flows. Test them and choose the most efficient one to achieve your goal.

Thanks to the new step split, you are able to build different but parallel paths, verify the winning one and block the others. In this way you can decide to address your contacts with a personalized journey, tailored to specific characteristics and habits but above all that has proven to work compared to other alternatives used in the test phase.Customer Journey: AB test

In fact, at any point of the journey you can decide to enter the A/B test step and continue with different content, actions, times, pauses, channels, conditions, controls, etc. to understand which option obtains the best results.

What does this mean?

Have more confidence that your customer journeys are successful and that the variables selected are the most correct for your results.

Imagine you want to launch a fundraising campaign for Christmas. Before you officially launch it, leverage your most loyal donors to understand which message could be the most interesting. On the one hand, you address some of them through interviews with doctors and healthcare professionals; on the other hand, through testimonials from patients and relatives. Same communication channel – email – but different content.

Or again, you decide to launch a campaign of discounts and promotions for the upcoming holidays season and you select two ways of approaching customers with email: in one case the sender is the shop where your contacts buy most frequently, in the other an email address created specifically for this occasion.

In short, whatever the choice, design your automations, check the results and decide which one to continue with no need to create the winning journey again.



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CDP and actionable data

CDP & Actionable Data

In the world of the engagement marketing, CDP and actionable data are two extremely important and deeply related topics.

While the heart of a Customer Data Platform is data, having huge amounts of unstructured data collected on separate systems makes them unusable.

Intercepting, collecting, organizing and managing data means adding value to it. A CDP solution allows you to:

  • Integrate data from different sources – online and offline – and available on different contact channels – SMS, email, push notifications… up to the store.
  • Structure data in single customer view.
  • Process the data to enrich the information available for each single contact.
  • Make the profile thus obtained and updated available again to anyone who needs it, at any company level and wherever they are.

The Contactlab Marketing Cloud offers CDP functionalities able of providing actionable data, i.e. making them immediately usable for engagement marketing activities.

What do we mean with actionable data?

We’ve tried to summarize the main features that must have data to be actionable in the engagement marketing world.

  • Structured: organized in a clear and understandable way.
  • Available in real-time: ready to be used, that’s why we say immediate actionable data.
  • Accessible: data easily available at any time.
  • Multidevice: reachable from any device, even mobile.
  • Interoperable: automatically integrated with third party applications and exported into lists or files.
  • Quality: deduplicated, complete, always updated and managed in accordance with the GDPR.

Contactlab Marketing Cloud offers just that. It creates unique profiles and makes available data that, managed in this way, gives brands a decisive value for their marketing initiatives. Integration into enriched profiles allows you to obtain the history of each contact in a single point: past, present and even future – thanks to predictive algorithms. Above all, information that can be used immediately:

  • Automatically.
  • In real time.
  • Within the platform itself or shareable with external systems thanks to the wide availability of APIs that amplify its functions and uses.

Why are actionable data important?

For example, but not only:

  • For further processing: having updated and complete data available exactly when they are needed gives brands the opportunity to choose data processing tools and to discover new information that is apparently not visible. These are KPIs, statistics but above all predictive analysis that enrich the profiles of anticipations, inserting contacts into behavioral clusters and exponentially increasing their value.
  • For example, to activate new initiatives within predefined customer journeys, such as reactions to behaviors or the occurrence of events recorded in the profile and selected as a condition to trigger activities. Automations designed to follow the contact throughout the life cycle and during the entire relationship with the brand. But maybe even simply during punctual campaigns, individual initiatives or service communications.
  • To take decisions. If brands can access contacts data, they can count on information about habits, preferences and actions, and this allows brands to customize the relationship by segmenting and addressing audiences with correct messages. In addition, having usable ready-to-use data allows you to carry out micro-analysis, detailing the results of your marketing activities and using what emerges to plan future initiatives. Not to speak of the precious opportunity to use actionable data in order to take business decisions, that can go from the management of the warehouse, to the choice to completely change strategy of product with consequences on where to address the investments.

Immediate benefits deriving from the actionable data

  • Reduction of data management time.
  • Reduction of the management costs of communication activities.
  • Timeliness in engagement marketing campaigns.
  • Creation of real-time marketing strategies.
  • Personalization of the Customer Experience.
  • Loyalty and optimization of business results.


In the era of Big Data, it is not a question of having the most data. Rather, the real success is achieved by brands that manage to make this data a competitive advantage, to use it to improve the relationship with their customers. They are the ones who transform the endless streams of scattered and uneven raw data into usable resources and useful insights to improve their business.

Contact us and together we will see how to give this opportunity to your brand now!



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A new award for the Contactlab CDP

After Gartner and the CDP Institute, Quadrant Solutions recognises Contactlab as a leading technology partner for Customer Data Platform projects.

Thanks to the Marketing Cloud, Contactlab appears in the SPARK Matrix™: B2C Customer Data Platforms (CDP), 2020.

Quadrant Solutions identifies some key features a platform must have to be a CDP:

  • Creation of unique 360° profiles for every single contact thanks to the integration of data collected from different touchpoints both online and offline, such as website, loyalty programs, subscriptions, ecommerce and stores.
  • Ability to build advanced segments based on all available information and to plan campaigns.
  • Further processing of collected data for the calculation of statistics and predictive information – RFM, CLV, email engagement, etc – useful for profile enrichment.
  • Immediate availability of profiles for punctual initiatives both within the platform and through external systems and used for various activities: marketing, customer service, etc.

In addition, thanks to the adoption of the Marketing Cloud, Quadrant Solutions considers a great benefit to have an engineered CDP – which means conceived and designed right from the start – with marketing automation and multi-channel campaign delivery tools: email, SMS and more.

So, if you are looking for a platform that can help you create increasingly targeted and effective customer engagement strategies, designed for each individual contact and be able to measure the results, contact us and our experts will have the answers you are looking for.



Discover the CDP series!

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Send engine 20201006 Release

From October 6th, 2020 a new version of Send is available.
The release is planned from 11.00 am to noon CEST.

The new versions include some minor bug fixes that enhance the application.


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Send FSP v. Release

From October 6th, 2020 a new version of Send is available.
The release is planned from 10.00 am to 11.00 am CEST.

The new versions include some minor bug fixes that enhance the application.


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